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Martial Art School in Washington

Washington Taekwondo, Your local Martial Art school that is dedicated in building confidence, learning Martial Arts & Teaching Self Defence in Washington Tyne and Wear to adults, juniors and toddlers.


with amazing public transport available to Sunderland, Gateshead, Boldon & South Tyne side



 Washington Taekwondo is your first choice for Martial Arts in Washington. Taekwondo is like no other sport because it focuses on individual students self development.

 Whether that be physical strength, improved mobility increased confidence or improved fitness. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn a martial art in Washington, you will be able to use Washington Taekwondo to achieve your goals.

Washington Taekwondo

Building confidence throught martial arts

Taekwondo is activity for everyone. By the end of your first lesson you will quickly increase your fitness levels with our wide range of movements and exercises. You will quickly increase your stamina with our repetition and goal setting mentality. You will quickly increase your flexibility with our dynamic stretching exercises. You will very quickly learn self defence with our simple and effective defence programme.

 You will quickly realise your potential by giving Taekwondo a go.

Why LEARN the martial art TAEKWONDO?

If you are looking for Martial Arts in Washington, Then Washington Taekwondo is here to help. As the most popular martial art in the world we have classes to suit all ages and abilities. TITAN – 4-6 Year Olds, Taekwondo Juniors 7-11 Year old, Taekwondo Cadets 12-17 Year Old, Taekwondo Adults 18 + and  Taekwondo Ladies. You will soon find out how you can benefit from learning Taekwondo.


Class Timetable

January 2024 Timetable

Washington Taekwondo Classes

Ladies only Taekwondo

Ladies Only Martial Art Classes are the perfect place for beginners who want to get in to Martial Arts. 

Get Fit, Have Fun and Learn Self Defence is the foundations of our lessons.  Open to ladies age of 14+ with Martial arts in Washington. 

Ladies Martial art, ladies kickign

Taekwondo TITANS
4-6 year olds MArtial Arts

Washington Taekwondo TITANS classes are perfect for 4-6 year olds to learn Martial Arts. Your little TITANS will quickly learn skills such as Listening, Discipline and Confidence. As well as taking part in regular exercise, making friends and understanding the topic of Bullies.Free trial lessons available now.

Martial Arts for 4-6 year old
Martial Art for 4 - 6 year old
  • Fun and Friendly
  • Key Skill Development
  • Improved Listening skills
  • Balance and Coordination

7- 11 Years old

At such a crucial development age the Washington Taekwondo Juniors class students will develop important life skills along side their Martial arts training.

 Goal Setting, Personal Confidence, Positive Mental Attitude and Personal Wellbeing. As well as Physical fitness, Stamina and Bully Proof Techniques.

girl doing martial art kick
Martial art Classes for Juniors
  • High energy and  engaging Martial Art Classes.
  • Suitable for Beginner from 7 years.
  • Gets them away from the X Box.
  • Free trial lesson.

12- 16 Years old

Washington Taekwondo Cadets is here to support the physical, mental and emotional strength of your Teenager.  Classes are based on their physical growth, supporting with their Strength, Flexibility, Stress handling and CONFIDENCE. 

As a Cadet at Washington Taekwondo we support them with creating martial art and life goals. Support how they deal with every day teenage life as well as giving them the self defence confidence to be proud of their skills. 

Teenage high kicking at Washington Taekwondo
Martial art Classes for Juniors
  • Confidence Building and age specific training.
  • Suitable for Beginner.
  • Practical & Efficient Self Defence.
  • Leadership development


The perfect place for a family to spend time together doing physical exercise that is suitable for all ages and abilities. A Martial Art club with fun and inclusive classes that will quickly become the number 1# Family Hobby. Open from Aged 6+ to Adults

Family Martial arts class Washington Taekwondo
Family class at Washington Taekwondo
  • Great Family activity
  • Able to support each other
  • Family bonding time
  • Family discounts